It’s the end of the year. I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on what I’ve learned, mistakes I’ve made, and things that went really well.

I also set up a lot of goals for the coming year. Without further ado…

  • Train and delegate a significant chunk of my current workload each month. I started this in 2010, but I need to do even more. It’s part of my over all goal to leverage myself better as the company grows.
  • Be more transparent about the work I’m doing.
  • Workout more, obviously.
  • Help grow the people around me into leaders so that I have a team of people I can count on to take projects and run with them in the years ahead.
  • Read more books (not just blog posts), and watch noless bad movies on Netflix.
  • Do more creative activities.  I used to paint and play piano. I’ve let a lot of that stuff slide in favor of more productive activities. I regret that.
  • Find new ways to maximize quality time with my loved ones. I work a lot and I don’t necessarily want to work less. I need to be more efficient to assure that the free time is all quality.

Update in 2013: Disheartening to see that my goals basically haven’t changed.  :/