Culture Does Not Equal Perks Slide

This slide is from the presentation I gave at MozCon on Finding Your Company Culture and Why It Matters.

I’m peeved by the way ‘Company Culture” is covered in journalism and talked about colloquially by the tech community. It’s conflated with perks.

Can we agree that

Culture ≠ Perks


I love perks, don’t get me wrong. They are really nice. And they can be a manifestation of a great company culture, but they aren’t necessarily so. They are neither necessary nor sufficient for a great company culture.

Lots of companies with wonderful perks that have shit cultures.

Lots of companies with great cultures have shit for perks.

Moz was TAGFEE long before we had fancy perks like 401k match, catered lunches, paid paid vacation, and free professional coaching. Here’s what I’m thinking right now:

Me Impersonated Grumpy Old Guy From Up

True story.

If you want to know about company culture, ask people how decisions get made? What happens when there is a disagreement? What’s the office like at 8pm? What are your rituals and traditions?

MozCon Deck 07 09 2013.pptx

MozCon Deck 07 09 2013.pptx-1

What is culture?

You do not need a budget for it.

[Hint: You already have one!]

Culture is “how things get done around here.”

Self-awareness, intentionality, expressed values, and shared vision are more impactful than perks when creating a great company culture.