Leading Starts With Listening

Leading starts with listening. Here are some phrases that may help you get to the bottom of things: “Tell me more.” “Is there anything else?” “What should I have asked you that I didn’t ask you?” “How do you know you know that?” What do you expect of me?” “How do you see this? “What(…)

Culture Does Not Equal Perks

This slide is from the presentation I gave at MozCon on Finding Your Company Culture and Why It Matters. I’m peeved by the way ‘Company Culture” is covered in journalism and talked about colloquially by the tech community. It’s conflated with perks. Can we agree that Culture ≠ Perks please? I love perks, don’t get(…)

Solutions Please.

One of my pet peeves is negativity in the office. I’m not talking about a good, powerful discussions about meaty topics. I’m not even talking about suggestions for small ways to improve processes. Nope. What frustrates me is complaining. Big or small, I have low tolerance for complaints. It saps the creative energy right out(…)

Finding My Subconscious Leadership Style

I’ve been trying to be intentional about my personal leadership style. How do I operate in a team? What do I bring to the table? There are many different kinds of leaders, and many different ways to be successful–I’m not looking to fit into some pop leadership coaching ideal. I want to be myself, just(…)

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