Book Review

Oops. Shouldn’t Have Told You Not to Work

I try to be results oriented as a manager. Well. Results AND values oriented. Focus on the results, and as long as you’re behaving consistent with TAGFEE, then we’re cool. I want to manage the work and not the people. I don’t care when/how/where you do your work so long as it is done on(…)

Saudi Arabia: The devil in the details – Opinion – Al Jazeera

“Does a woman’s right to work, travel, marry, divorce, and participate in public society fall within the law’s definition of “basic needs”? Will Saudi courts interpret corporal punishment of a wife or child as abuse, or as a legitimate use of authority? Drawing the line would be the best test of the new law’s efficiency(…)

Matt Blumberg’s Startup CEO: A Field Guide to Scaling Up Your Business

Here’s a quick book review for Matt Blumberg’s new book, Startup CEO. Some of my favorite things about this book: It’s written in a pragmatic and engaging style, without jargon or filler. It includes actionable tips and frameworks for all aspects of managing a company. It has soul. It’s not just about increasing wealth. It’s(…)